What Protection Does a Backflow Valve Provide?

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Backflow valves – the most misunderstood product in plumbing! What protection does a backflow valve provide? What does it not protect against?

If you are a homeowner, you NEED to watch this video


1) this video depicts drainage system for the city of Regina. Other municipalities may not be constructed in the same manner. Consult with local experts.

2) Backflow valves only protect your home during backflow events.

3) (not included in this video) even during backflow events, it is possible for backflow valves to fail to function properly.

4) when the main trunk under the street is plugged, only workers from the municipality can unplug it. Your backflow valve should protect your home until City workers have unplugged the line.

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2 Comments on “What Protection Does a Backflow Valve Provide?”

  1. Allan


    Do you make free estimate for backflow valve installation for residential houses? We are looking to install one for our house.



  2. Joe

    Good morning! We are planning on replacing the pipes (under the basement floor) for the drain used for the washing machine. Before the water would overflow a little when using the washing machine but this past few weeks it has gone bad, our basement isn’t finished.
    I think the pipes (made of cast iron) wasn’t angled properly for the water to go down the sewer. Would you be able to give me a “rough estimate” on how much this would cost us so that it would give us an idea on the cost, if its too high we might have to do this for next year. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

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